Dear Guest,

We are very thankful for your confidence of choosing Bugshan Hospital to provide you and your family the medical service. We are keen to project the following RIGHTS to you:

  • provide you with the needed health services upon your arrival and during your stay.
  • hospital staff shall facilitate your reception, admission or discharge procedures in the shortest and easiest way.
  • Professional Medical staff will provide you with the needed health care services.
  • Provide you with the available required diagnosis and therapeutic services in the proper time.
  • Inform you with the provisional diagnosis and with the management plan that shall be followed.
  • Inform you continuously with the progress in your health condition and in the treatment plan.
  • Discuss with you, if available, the alternatives for the managements of your condition and respect your opinion regarding these alternatives for the management of your condition and respect your opinion regarding these alternatives.
  • Taking your written consent for any surgical procedures or invasive interventions that you shall face and explain them to you thoroughly.
  • Committed to information confidentiality that are obtained from you or from your diagnostic or therapeutic procedures and will pass these information to whom you personally agree or to be asked legally.
  • Provide you and your family with the health education that is needed for your health maintenance and promotion during and after completion of your hospital episode.
  • Arrange the medical follow up procedures after your discharge to assure continuity of care and successful treatment and progress.
  • respect and investigate properly your verbal and written remarks and fee you back.