Our Dear Guest,

Bugshan Hospital is looking forwarded of your cooperation to maintain provision of the best medical services through you commitment to:

  • Take care of the hospital assets in the same way as you take care of your own.
  • strictly obey rules and regulations
  • Provide accurate and complete data that is needed by the hospital
  • smoking is totally prohibited inside hospital premises
  • if not needed, please do not walk around the patient's rooms and within hospital areas for the sake of your health and others.
  • respect all the hospital staff and behave with them nicely according to the Islamic traditions.
  • strictly follow visiting hours and system and do not disturb other patients and relatives.
  • be patient in making enquires to the hospital staff and do not obstruct their duties.
  • inform hospital authority, verbally or in writing about any remarks or put it in the complaint box in your area.
  • be sure that you are present in the hospital department on the appointed day and time for the provision of your services
  • if you are not able to attend your appointment, please contact by telephone to have another one.

hospital telephone no 6691222 extension # 2
Our best wishes for your rapid recovery and continuous good health.