The hospital is staffed with physicians of various nationalities who are employed by the hospital according to qualifications, experience and need of the departments. Qualifications of physicians vary from local to Middle Eastern or Western qualifications according to rules and regulations specified by The Saudi commission for Health Specialities. Nursing staff are recruited again either locally from national community or international residents and also recruited from abroad mainly from Philippines and India according to regulations set by Saudi government.

Hospital Departments are staffed according to work schedules based on needs and hospital rules and regulations. Accident and emergency, Diagnostic Imaging & Nuclear Medicine Department, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Department are open round the clock in addition to pharmacy. ICU and CCU are physically staffed by specialized physicians round the clock. There are in house specialist covering inpatients and emergency cases in main specialties i.e. ob/gyne and pediatrics. Med surgical patients are also covered by ward resident around the clock. There is always a qualified consultant to attend in case of emergency in less than 30 minutes if needed for all main medical specialties i.e. internal medicines, general surgery and other surgical services ob/gyne, pediatrics and anesthesia. Staffing schedules are always available and distributed in all critical care areas and telephone central switch board. The hospital uses mobile phones and land phone during off hours to call physicians and there is also a hospital internal calling system to call physicians during working hours in case of emergency.